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Stress is one of the greatest enemies against weight loss. Not only does it create a bigger belly fat due to increased cortisol levels, but it creates a need for comfort food, promotes less exercise and rips away sleep. This is the worst five letter word for health and needs to be dealt with right away.Have a planStart a meal plan. This plan does not have to last forever, but the important thing to see is a better way of eating. If there is a hard time cutting up vegetables daily buy a vegetable tray from the grocery store. These will cost more, but will start anyone off easy. Plan meals for five days and don't buy extra foods that will pack on extra pounds. Grilling



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Go for walks: Going for walks in fresh air can be real stress busters as it will not only increase the flow of oxygen in the body but can also help in getting out of the box ideas and plan for the celebrations. Breathing fresh air will also provide some… Africa

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