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Product reviews are valuable tools for shoppers. Most people make use of these reviews to choose the most suitable and cost effective models and brands for their needs. There are a number of blogs and forums dedicated to product reviewing, many of which welcome reviews by members and visitors.Importance of Product ReviewsProduct reviews serve an important function as far as shoppers are concerned. The literature produced by product manufacturers is skewed towards garnering sales and therefore tends to exaggerate the desirability and usefulness of any given product.Unlike such promotional literature or advertising content, product and services reviews are ideally written by an impartial assessor. They are generally written by someone who has actually used the product and is an expert on the subject. Unfortunately, many reviewers often enter into a partnership with a particular company or brand whereby the writer receives certain benefits from the product manufacturer in exchange for a favorable review. This is a far from ethical practice and will only harm the credibility of the reviewer in the long run.



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