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In the days before computers, your only option was to take lessons from a physical teacher or buy some books and stumble through them day after day. It was boring and difficult.With the advent of computers, guitar lessons online are an asset to both the student and the instructor. You now have the ability to start and stop the lessons and go over every lick one-step at a time until you finally understand what you are supposed to be doing. Gone are the days of waiting for your next lesson to find out if you are doing it right or not That may seem simple to you but it is really a huge step in your guitar-playing career. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to put the pieces together is like comparing a first aid instructor to a full fledged medical doctor. The doctor has the more advanced, in-depth training and has the ability to do much more than the instructor has.Do not cut your self-short; get the proper training by using some of the guitar lessons online that are available for your use and enjoyment. Some of the guitar websites will even offer some free lessons. Granted they are basic and do not go into much depth but they will let you see what is available to you.



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