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But now matter how many times I hear that idiom, it still always puts me in mind of that Billy Connolly piece when the Doctor tells the patient he has the flu, but he's afraid it's the morbid variety. Yes it loses the entire impact of the joke in that translation, but I'm sure you get the point.I have been overweight off and on for the past 25 years but since a back injury in 2001 and some subsequent mental health issues resulting in medication, my weight has got steadily higher and higher to the point where I am 150kg and at only 5'10" that's not the best.However, I am a naturally big guy. There is not really a pick of fat on my arms, my upper body or my legs so I carry quite a good deal of muscle apart from around my waist, where I carry a great deal of flab. I suppose this would be called the morbid part.It soon became obvious that things were not going well after continually experiencing a vicious yoyo weight gain/loss cycle until I ended up in a weight loss help group.



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