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Ever since the launch of Community Cloud in the year 2013 it has received overwhelming responses from business ranging from small startups to big enterprises. Customers have completely transformed their businesses by building amazing portals, massive communities and mind-boggling mobile website. These efforts have eventually catered to address various business issues like solving the queries of doubtful customers faster, selling more via channel partners ad giving an exquisite project collaboration platform to the employees.

Community Cloud

Sales force introduced the new framework Lightning Bolt in the Sales force Platform that is directed towards accelerating and enhancing any organization’s ability to deploy highly personalized customer experiences and make it available from any device. Lightning Bolt which is built on the last year’s release of the Community Cloud’s Lightning Templates aids various companies for the lucid creation of communities for customers, partners, and employees.

All About The New Sales-force Lightning Bolt
The main aim of Sales-force Lightning Bolt is for faster and better deployment of gen next communities and portals. This new framework will give the companies a jump-start for creating amazing portals and communities. It caters to creating an awesome customer-facing website with seamless integration with Sales-force CRAM with just a few clicks and saving a hell lot of time. Many of the Sales force leading partners namely Accenture, Deloitte, PwC have already given a hand at developing Lightning Bolt solutions and making the same available at App Exchange.

“The new Lightning Bolt framework enables the experts in our partner ecosystem to create tailored Sales-force Bolt solutions to meet the specific needs of virtually every industry.”

Power To Build And Deploy Quicker And Better Lightning Bolt helps you to build branded and mobile optimized portals and myriad communities that are seamlessly integrated with your business process that too lightning fast! It literally gives a jump start to the company’s community and portal development activities.

Build Branded And Beautiful
Sales force Lightning Bolt gives the provision to combine business with social to build both branded and beautiful. Due to the Sales-force platform, Lightning Bolt has the ability to merge critical business logic with the built-in workflow. Lightning Bolt’s drag and drop adds to the ease of its use and lucid customization of every aspect associated with the Lightning Community Builder. It also gives you the provision to add partner built Lightning Components from App Exchange.

Harness The Power From Sales force Ecosystem
Any developer in the Sales-force ecosystem can very conveniently build industry-specific Bolt solutions like partner relationship management, domain specific portals like patient care portals, BOB e-commerce portals, etc. It also gives you the provision to quickly deploy the prepackaged solutions of the partners that are built with in-depth expertise and industry leading knowledge.

Lighting Bolt Templates
Lightning Bolt is a set of pre-packaged themes by Sales-force and its partners and its customers and it will cater to the various needs of myriad types of audiences and verticals.

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Sales-force Lightning Bolt

Sales-force Lightning Bolt will definitely make more and more companies willing to customize templates to cater better to the ever constant ‘change’. With a predefined set of templates and themes suited to various aspects of different industries Bolt proves to be a great start point for setting up exclusive and amazing communities. It will definitely save time and thereby a lot of dollars as well, without disrupting the consistent experience.

The Lightning Bolt is available as a part of Community Cloud license, and customers will deploy their creations using the tool and the same will be ready for distribution via App Exchange as early as the beginning of the new year.

Engaging customers has always been an ongoing challenge for companies irrespective of the size of the organization. Sales-force has been working to cater to this aspect ever since and with the launch of Lightning Bolt it is expected to give a super boost to customer engagement via awesome portals, exquisite communities, and awe-inspiring websites.

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