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Sadly or gladly the year 2016 is coming to its end and the year 2017 is just around the corner. The technology world is already thinking about what 2017 holds within for it. David Charley, vice president of Garner has come up with top Strategic Technology Trends for the year 2017.

The entire technology trends’ story revolves around three main themes which are Mesh, Intelligent, and Digital. Digital business will be the new future. Technology and intelligence will be embedded in everything. Rich digital services will be delivered to everyone. It will be a mesh of people, content, services, devices and therefore an intelligent digital mesh.

Let us closely view the top technology trends for the year 2017:

1- Advanced Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
The most significant and the most disruptive is machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the advanced techniques and technologies which allow businesses to move beyond those conventional rule-based algorithms. These technologies help in moving towards solutions which we can understand, adapt, learn and operate independently.AI systems can learn and change future behavior, therefore, leads to the creation of more intelligent devices and programs.

If talked in terms in banking AI and machine learning techniques can be used for model current real-time transactions and. Enterprises which are seeking to drive digital innovation with this trend must evaluate a number of business scenarios where AI and machine learning can drive clear and specific business value. Tech gurus say that AI systems are doing specific things where they can often be better than humans. Clearly stated that with this evolution of data science, the result will be more model-driven than rule-driven programming.

2- Intelligent apps and Intelligent Things
Intelligent apps which include technologies like virtual personal assistant have the potential to transform the workplace by making everyday tasks easier. It also makes users more effective by highlighting relevant content and interactions. Garner predicts that by 2018 world’s largest 200 companies will be exploiting intelligent applications and therefore utilizing the full toolkit of big data and analytics tools. Harnessing the potential of data analytical tool and AI system enterprises can be benefited with advanced analytics, AI-powered autonomous business processes. These intelligent applications are not just limited to digital assistants rather almost all marketing or REP will be infused with AI enabled capabilities. It can be definitely inferred that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning when combined gives you Intelligent applications. These applications come in a variety of forms viz robots, drones, smart sensors, smart appliances, Sir/Cortland/Chat bots. Five years ago McDonald’s started using such intelligent apps like image recognition and machine learning to improve the production of its buns for burgers. Today there are innumerable tools for facilitating such service.

While we talk about intelligent applications, intelligent things get along Consumer devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, business devices such as healthcare equipment which include Google’s Deep-mind looking at Mr Is and smart stethoscopes are doing wonders. In coming years these things will include autonomous vehicles, ships, and tractors. Such transition is likely to happen between 2020 and 2030. Technology is unstoppable now.

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