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Kudos to all your enterprising skills but there is still a lot more to do. The final trimester is actually more of fun as you start planning on how to take care of your baby. There are e-books to read, cool tips on nursing, importance of breastfeeding lessons and new born care. The checklist seems an exhaustive one but once you are a parent the instinct gets honed sharper and adaptation is easy.

A support system is of utmost importance. So engage in the services of a helper and cook for a few months. It is also good if you can talk to a relative who can stay with you for a few months. Broken sleep is a going to be commonplace, but as soon as the baby settles you will find yourself with more time. Carpentry or paint work needs to be done well in advance. Fixing leaks or repairing chipped wallpaper is a must so that there are no allergens. Babies grow very soon and soon your new born will crawl, so try and make your home as child friendly rooms with corner cushions for sharp edged furniture, check on the sliding windows and kitchen cabinets and discard wobbly furniture. Also child proof all electrical sockets and invest in other baby proofing products.

Here are a few things you need to put in place before getting home with newborn:

For the baby
• A good paediatrician.
• Name and address of a neo-natal hospital.



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