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The powerful amulet is designed to accomplish two things:
Attract the Good!/+27719999518 profmamashamirah

Directs positive energy with your "Good Eye" to stimulate the subconscious mind of someone of importance to you, allowing them to look at you in a loving, positive light.

Repel the Evil!

Protects you against a negative force (Evil Eye) by rebounding its energy back at the perpetrator.

The Magical Eye magnifies your gift of foresight to clearly see what lies around the corner. Then it illuminates the way to your true path in life so you can avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead - in your relationships, in your finances, in all areas that affect you.

What the Magical Eye Can do for You!
Gives you the ability to see things clearly.
Gives you the gift to have greater insight into people, relationships, investments...
Gives you the understanding and confidence to clear up misunderstandings.
Simplifies getting important relationships back on track.
Protects you from the Evil Eye.
How does it work?

While wearing or holding the Magical Eye...
Feel the energy flow through your entire being, infiltrating your subconscious with awesome positive vibrations.
Feel your head clear, bringing clarity and courage that will invigorate you.
Think about the person you love and transfer your loving thoughts to them!
Reel in a lost love or attract a new love to you, allowing them to see your inner beauty, your loving, kind nature, your remarkable gifts...
Concentrate on someone who has tried to undermine you, perhaps destroy you. Soon this person will feel negative energy flow through their veins.
The dual purpose of the Magical Eye

Attracts positive energy as if it were a magnet. Stops negative energy in its tracks.

If you're ready for a loving relationship, prosperity and ultimate happiness take possession of this mystical amulet and get ready for a remarkable change in your life.
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