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Inside your fat cells exists a fat burning hormone called leptin. Leptin helps you achieve and maintain a lean, healthy body. As stored fat in fat cells increases, leptin levels within the cells increase. Leptin is released and travels to the hypothalamus in the brain. It triggers the hypothalamus to send a message throughout your body that you are all fueled up or "full" so that you no longer feel hungry.A leptin system that is functioning properly not only helps regulate metabolism and hunger, but also helps with mental alertness, memory and more positive moods. All great things, right Unfortunately, there are certain factors that lead to leptin resistance in the body. Leptin resistance occurs when leptin receptors in the hypothalamus become desensitized and as a result your body now longer can distinguish when fat levels are too high. Prolonged overeating, stress, lack of sleep and toxins are all factors leading to leptin resistance.Focus on drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. Avoid processed sugars, hydrogenated oils and preservative-packed foods. Making changes to your diet can be extremely difficult at first. Tackle one thing at a time. Make a weekly goal to substitute your afternoon cola for water or switch your post-dinner cookie for fruit salad.



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