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Now, if you focus on losing fat rather than weight that is a whole-other story. See, fat loss is the focus of muscle gain and boosting your metabolism. Your metabolism is what drives fat burn; it is what burns the calories that you do consume. When you eat healthy, clean foods your metabolism can actually function as it should. When you restrict your diet, your metabolism quickly becomes confused and slows down.Anyway, whole, clean foods are what your body needs, and plenty of them. If you eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours rather than three large meals, you will give your metabolism the boost it needs. These smaller meals should consist of 200-400 calories each and should provide your body with protein, fat, and carbohydrates. All of this, combines, will not only boost your metabolism, help you burn fat, but it will give you a nice boost in energy too.Eating, in this manner, will also give you the energy you need to partake in proper strength training routines. See, your body needs muscle to stay strong, healthy, and fit. The only way to attain this muscle is by pushing each and every one of your muscle groups; not by running around your neighborhood every day. Additionally, muscles will also help your body burn fat, helping you attain that slender physique you wanted to lose weight for.



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