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These drugs go under several different PhysioTru brand names but all belong to a class of drugs known as Statins. While there are approximately 12 million people taking these drugs the problem comes because they carry with them some very serious side effects. One of the more common side effects that people experience is pain and weakness in their muscles. This is a condition that can take a long time to resolve and is caused by statins increasing the levels of a muscle enzyme called CPK. This condition can be extremely painful for some that experience it because of the inflammation it causes in the muscle. In some rare cases this can set off a series of more serious events. The reason that doctors want a blood test for most people new to statins is that it can cause the kidneys to work overtime in discarding the byproducts of muscle breakdown through the urine. Proteins from this muscle damage can build up in the kidneys and cause permanent damage and possibly death.



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