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Alginate has emerged as the material of choice for making molds for life casting. Alginate for body casting has evolved over the years, from the fast setting dental impressions material formulas which are made, in part, from seaweed. Because it is a natural organic material it is considered totally safe for the human skin. Alginate itself is food safe and is used as an ingredient in many food products. So it is even safe to eat.

The gel like formula is mixed with water to form a yogurt-like paste that is applied to the body to create the mold. However, unlike dental formulas, it's used in life casting, is characterized by slower setting times. In fact, a range of various types and set time formulations are available in art stores - such as silica free, softer set, firmer set, delayed set, delayed shrinkage and others. Though alginate use in body casting has many benefits, it has a few weaknesses. One is that it tends to shrink rapidly as it loses moisture. Therefore, an alginate mold must be cast soon after it is made. Due to its fragility, this molds are generally considered waste molds as they can be used only once. Because it is fragile, it can tear if the user is not careful. Though there is one formula on the market today that is reinforced with fiber to overcome this inherent weakness.



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