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Winter time can be a potentially dangerous time for your dog or cat. The cold is the biggest and most obvious threat. Leaving your dog outside for too long in the cold winter weather can mean serious injury or death for your animal. Make sure when you let them out to remember that wind chill will drop the temperature lower than what the outside temperature reads. The best thing to do, if possible, is to monitor and limit your pets time outdoors to avoid any cold related health problems. Providing shelter outside can help as well by blocking the wind. Add some pet essentials into the shelter such as unfrozen water and warm blankets for them to snuggle up to. Also adding more food to your pets diet for the winter can give them more energy and calories to help their bodies battle the cold.

There are more hazards then just the cold outside, however. During the winter months Many cars may leak anti-freeze onto the road. Anti-freeze is poisonous to both dogs and cats alike, the problem is it both smells and tastes good to them. This means you want to be extra careful and do your best not to let them around any. During winter wipe your dogs paws as the re-enter your home to avoid any irritation from salt, rocks, or chemicals that may have been picked up. Putting Vaseline or olive oil on their paws can help to protect them from the winter elements. Dog booties can be the biggest help but not all dogs like wearing them. Cats tend to find whatever warm dry area they can to curl up in while outside. These days that mostly amounts to underneath a car, usually just after it has been parked and the engine is still warm. A simple visual check as all that is normally needed to make sure you don't drive over your or a neighbors cat when leaving.



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