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I bet you can buy a Honda Valkyrie Rune for its sheer looks. But the Honda Valkyrie Rune is much much more than that. Honda and only Honda can manage to bring a concept to reality like never before. It is designed to steal the show and to turn heads even faster than it covers the ¼ of a mile. It has a massive 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed engines which provides an ultimate hot rod experience you can ever dream of. Its 6.1 gallon fuel tank is perfect for long range drives. It has a fuel-injection system with six 32mm throttle bodies, a revolutionary Unit Pro-Link rear suspension, Honda Ignition Security System provides a fool proof safety by completely disabling the ignition system and greatly reducing the possibility of theft.

It has a beautifully crafted LED taillight flush-mounted in the rear fender. Rune comes with a 6.9-liter airbox that supplies a huge quantity of cool, clean air to the engine for maximum performance. Its incredibly powerful 1100-watt alternator supplies its electrical accessories with abundance of power. The Rune has big radial tires, a 180/55R-17 rear and 150/60R-18 front that allows superb grip and a great stability while riding on high speed.



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