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You never imagined you'd be looking for an answer to that question. You thought your wife and you were different and that your marriage was on an indescribable level. Now, you're faced with the knowledge that she's drifted away and doesn't feel as connected to you as she once did. You have no idea how to change it or if it can even be changed. You want things to improve though because you miss her so much. Are you destined to sit idly by and watch your marriage unravel or is there something you can do to change her feelings If you don't want to lose the woman you adore, you can change the dynamic of your marriage and get her to feel closer to you than she's ever felt before.

When a man is asking the question, "How do I get my wife to love me again," it's coming from a place of desperation. If the woman you are married to tells you that she's not as wild about you as she once was or she acts like she just doesn't care anymore, it's going to make you feel panicked. That's understandable and can't be helped. What can be helped is how you handle those feelings. If you allow them to overrun you, you'll likely end up arguing with her about what's going on and begging her to snap out of whatever it is she's feeling so she'll love you again. What she feels right now is very real to her and you need to respect that.



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