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If you have found your dream home, you may be looking to the home inspection with both excitement and dread. You want the clearance to buy the home because it is in great condition, but getting through the inspection is like waiting to hear bad news. You want the inspector to find problems so you make an informed decision, but at the same time, you dread the idea of a problem turning up. If your home inspector finds an issue, or several issues, it does not mean you need to walk away from the home. Many home problems can be fixed with simple repairs. Consider yourself lucky to have an inspector who is thorough and weeds out potential problems before you have any leverage to deal with them. If your inspector finds a problem during the inspection, you can use the findings to negotiate a better deal. Expense reduction and contract negotiation is common when making a home purchase. Before moving forward after your inspection, be sure you understand your options.

When a problem is found, you can ask that the price of the home be reduced. Consider that the home is worth less because it is not in ideal condition. You may have to fix the problem immediately, but some problems are not safety issues. If your inspector finds there are parts of the carpet that are worn away, you can ask the homeowner to consider a lower price because you will eventually need to replace the carpet. Keep in mind, a cosmetic bargaining chip like this can be used even if an inspector is not involved. If the condition of the home is outdated or worn, even if the home is structurally sound, you can work with the homeowner on a better price.



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